Book Review : I’m Here To Win: A World Champion’s Advice for Peak Performance By Chris McCormack

I'm Here to Win

A biography with a good write up on training approach, nutrition and racing strategies.

The book starts out telling a story of the young Chris, who started off as a runner in his earlier years, he would later start winning races in triathlons which caused a stir in the triathlon scene in Australia. After an illustrious showing in the junior category, he took up a job as an accountant after graduating, only to resign a couple of weeks later, with a dream of becoming a professional triathlete.

Chris McCormack (Macca) is a great story teller, which is why the media loves interviewing him. He speaks about his Ironman races, especially his wins at Kona in 2007 and 2010, and tells about the amount  of detail he pays attention to, especially to his opponents. His race strategy not only revolves around training and nutrition, he studies his opponents closely and know exactly where their weaknesses are and executes his plan like a master tactician.

I found the sections about nutrition particularly interesting; he mentions that he takes Ensure Plus pre-race and has a concentrate mix in his bottle on his bike, and how Coke is the best sports drink! He was prone to cramps being a bigger athlete, the blistering heat in Kona was the main cause of his cramps and it always hit him halfway into the marathon. He’s chapter on muscular and plasma hydration was really interesting and identifying that problem was how he solved his cramps in the heat.

A pretty good book with unorthodox advices, very nice.


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