Weekly updates : 5 weeks to go, the haze, strength training and new wheels!

7hrs 11mins last week, was stuck indoors mainly because of the haze, so I was kind of forced to do something else for training.

Home exercise

I’ve been wanting to do these exercises. They are perfect while I’m traveling but the bed seems to have a stronger pull factor all the time when I’m overseas. Anyways, now that I’m quarantined and I’ve got so much stored up energy (and frustration from the haze), I managed to do quite a few good sessions which left a good burn at parts of my body that I’ve never ached before. The main exercises were:

1) Planks

2) Flutter kicks

3) Push ups

4) Pull ups

5) Burpees

6) Resistance band exercises

After the first session, my body was so shocked by the training I felt like I was run over by a truck. My body has gotten so used to the usual training that it’s probably reached some sort of plateau in terms of performance. So last week was all about “shock and awe”. I started on supplements as well in attempt to put on a bit of weight. After my long brick session lasting 7 hours last week, I lost 2kgs and felt like I was about to die. I remembered Chow telling me how I need to bulk up a little coz I was getting too skinny; I guess the reason being that during the race, my body will end up burning muscle mass towards the end and I don’t want to be left with just bones crawling past the finish line while the announcer goes ” You are an Ironman!”

I realised how imbalance I am, that everything is weaker on my left. One-legged squats, planks, weight training….everything is weaker on my left.

Good ol flutter kicks.

Swim Bike Run Swim session

Joined them for a swim session on Monday, which went along pretty well. I asked a few friends about their swim sessions and they all warned me that it’ll be a sufferfest! I was greeted by Desmond, the person in-charge that evening and was given a 6x600m (under 13:30) main set after my warm-up. Managed to do an average of 12:50 for each set and was pretty pleased with myself considering I haven’t committed that much time into my swim. Crawled out of the pool with arms feeling like bricks. Thanks for the Milo Craig, think I would’ve fainted halfway driving afterwards.

Bike Mod

Took my bike over to Fat Cat Cycles to get my wheels set up for race. Borrowed a set of 404s from Chow so I had to install the Shimano cassettes and change my brake pads before swapping out my old wheels. I weighed my bike when I got back and it was almost 2kgs lighter!! Can’t wait to take them out for a spin! Going to be extra careful coz the tires are tubulars and narrower at 20c instead of the usual 23c I’ve been using.

got haze? get errands done!

The new week started with clearer skies and cleaner air, hopefully it’ll hold up for me to whack my last week of long sessions since I’ve still got 1 week off.


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