no beast mode.

With all the reports of the haze from the burning to clear plantations in Indonesia, the air here has reached an unhealthy level for any exercise outdoors. Windows and doors are all closed at home but truth is, smoke particles are everywhere, doing this only slightly minimizes it’s adverse effects.

Beast Mode has been put on hold and I’ve been getting some errands done, mainly sending my Garmin Watch to the dealer to get it checked/repaired (my screen fogged up after a long brick session), booking my air tickets to Zurich, and getting my bike ready for the race at Fat Cat Cycles.

flooding on the inside.


Thanks to Chow for loaning his nifty Zipp wheels, I don’t know where else to find a 650c racing wheelset. After putting the new wheels, I weighed the bike and it lost almost 2kg just like that; I definitely need to take it out on some serious spins to feel the difference in handling in windy conditions.

Got some advice from Arthur about his nutrition plan and realized I need to beef up mine after almost bonking during my long brick session previously. Contacted the good people at and picked up the stuff on the same day, really good service.

late night transaction with :O

Home Exercise

I don’t know why I’m most lazy doing these exercise that are so important in my training. I will start doing some static exercises at home and core strengthening since I’ll be “grounded” for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, hope the wind direction changes. It’s such a waste to see all my off days go off in smoke when I can’t get out and train.


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