Weekly update – long bricks and an otter

Updates for this week’s training log is up!

clocked an excellent 12:48hrs with some strong runs in; I actually cheated on the last run on Sunday coz I flew to the US and gained an extra day for this this week. heeheehee.



I’m on a long work trip till Friday so I won’t be updating my training log till then, but here’s the lowdown of what happened last week!

Started with a nice long run to the climbing wall on Tuesday under the blazing sun. 18km felt like 25 with the extra load of my climbing gear and 2litres of water in my hydration pack. Managed a few decent climbs after that before falling off a 6a. Recovery in my arms just didn’t happen after a couple of routes and I couldn’t seem to shake off the pump even after resting.

Sea swim Wednesday
This is probably the 4th or 5th sea swim at ECP and I have to say the confidence in open water makes the whole sea swim experience so much more enjoyable. I’m no longer worrying whether I’ll get cramps and sink to the bottom of East Coast park beach. I could also get into rhythm much quicker despite having to navigate in low visibility conditions. The slight waves don’t scare me as much. I feel like a hero!

Long brick on Thursday
I learnt about bonking and indigestion. Bonking from not eating enough on the ride, and indigestion from down-ing 2 gels at a go, making me gag for quite a while on the run coz my body just had enough of my nonsense. A valuable lesson has been learnt about nutrition discipline.

Started a work trip on Thursday and managed to do a Time trial-like 20km in 1:33hr. Really happy with that but I’m paying for it now with some slight hobbling about in the city 🙂


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