Weekly update : back in business and 8 weeks to race day.

12hrs 8mins.

8 weeks to race day, means about 6 weeks of training with 2 weeks of taper; well I’ll be on holiday before the race so that would be a good taper.

I managed to put in 2 good brick sessions and managed to do a Mt Faber circuit to remind myself that Zurich is not flat.

One of the most frequent advice/comment I get from people who have done IM Zurich is that the climb on the bike is 5 times Mt Faber, I just thought that was a horrible joke. Turns out that is true, and what’s true-er is that my rides at Mandai is definitely not enough to prepare me for the totally different monster I’ll be facing in Zurich.

So I’ve been revving up the intensity level on my workouts this week. No more zone 2 chit chat stuff, time for max burn and lactic acid! I’m starting to talk like a wrestler in WWF!

Headed to the gym to have some swings at the weight section, the lack of climbing have seen a drastic drop in shoulder/arm strength which is important in swimming. And also my core has turned to jello, which can be felt on every run and swim session.

No more fussing about. My roster for my work is out and it looks perfect leading up to race day.


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