Weekly updates – Back to work and taking it easy

3hrs 51mins???!!! My niece would have the perfect description for this…..“eeee…shame shame!!”

Had quite a bit of work this week but still managed to do a couple of runs this week including a hill session which gave me butt aches and left  me walking funny for a few days. Really suffered this time at the hills coz I haven’t done them in months, and it showed in my recent 3km and 1.5km runs.

The flu has reduced to a slight cough and I still had sticky stuff stuck at the back of my throat which was mildly annoying. Feeling much better this week and I’m targeting to ramp up the hours since I’m 9 weeks to D- day.

This flu has really gotten me down for the last 3 weeks, and even now, it’s hard to get back into the training cycle. Getting up in the morning is harder than ever and I’m still very careful not to push too hard, afraid that I get bogged down with another bout of sickness.

Time to ramp up the anti oxidants and vitamins. Beast mode part 2 <activate>



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