Weekly Update : Good to go! But start slow.

7hrs 31mins clocked in last week. Had a body shutdown on Monday after that fateful 27km run on Sunday, managed to recover from the fever much faster this time round but the cough was still lingering a little so I kept my workouts easy at the initial part of the week with some swims. Then started to bike a little over the weekend.

Photoshoot Tuesday!

Tuesday was a photoshoot day with Garick and my climbing buddies. He rented a studio for the afternoon and a couple of us went down to mess about in the studio. He managed to get some excellent pictures which have been getting some attention on my Facebook page.

Sea Swim

First swim in my wetsuit went well, now I know I have to practice more swimming in it coz it feels really really different. Noted the areas that were more prone to abrasions, so more chamois cream next time round.

Meet up with Ah Siao

A quick intro to Ah Siao, He’s a madman who dragged a tyre for a whole marathon (His first!) while fundraising for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP); His goal this year is to run a sub 3hour marathon, which would usually place him at the top few Singapore runners position.

Biked down to ECP on my fixie to pace him on a race pace 30km run, pacing on a bike was really not easy and I had saddle sores the day after. We had a nice chat over supper after that and he gave me some tips about getting out there and meeting more people to get more support. I’ve been pretty solitary in my training and only a handful of friends would see me training/or train with me.

Well it  was really inspiring to finally meet Ah Siao, he’s so motivated and focused in his training; respect for the sub3 goal and publishing it on his page.

Up till now, I haven’t put up my targeted finish time for IM Zurich, at this point of time I’m pretty sure if I stick to my plan I can finish within the cut off of 17hours, but I have a smaller number in mind and I’m working towards that.


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