First wetsuit swim

I bought my wetsuit months ago and have not given it a test so I decided to do an easy swim at East Coast Park at my usual spot. Managed to get a really good deal on Chainreactioncycles for the Blueseventy Helix, it was the previous year’s model and last piece (XS) going at a crazy price. Really lucky! A few friends recommended the Helix and told me how much difference getting a good wetsuit is, so since stars were aligned on CRC, it was just reflex action clicking on BUY when I saw it online.


Dragged my friends along with me just in case I get into trouble in the water. Reached there about 7am after Ernest told me it’ll be too hot to swim in a wetsuit if it’s too late, got to give him credit for that suggestion coz he was right.

Squeezing into the suit

After buttering myself at some suggested areas to prevent abrasion, with the help of a plastic bag (for the limbs), it took me 12mins to put on the wetsuit. After squeezing into it, I noted the potential abrasion areas, mainly around the armpit and the back of my neck; probably would need to shave the pits and put more butter around my neck next time. Remember to trim the fingernails so you won’t accidentally tear your suit while struggling to put it on.

plastic bag to help slot in the limbs, and a friend to zip it up!


First entry into the water was a really weird feeling, my whole body was dry except for a small area at the forearms (different material there) and the zip line along my back. It felt really weird swimming with the feeling of being dry. The buoyancy was really apparent and it was much easier to swim in a suit, the legs didn’t feel as heavy and it didn’t take much to keep my body in a good position for swimming. However it will still take some time getting used to swimming in the suit, the padding made it slightly more difficult to feel the water, and movements felt a little restrictive at certain areas.

Floated and played around a bit before doing a really short 1km swim, ended the day early as I was still recovering from the @#$!$@$#% flu. Felt really warm in the suit after 1km, good thing it was a short swim, I don’t think I would have lasted 1hour in this.

Another productive day, doing a light workout and testing my equipment. Next I’d probably try a full distance swim at sunrise…


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