weekly update : picking up the pieces… so emo!

A decent 9hrs 13mins clocked in even though I only started heading out on Thursday.

First 10k

My first 10km after 1.5 weeks was really dreadful, was unable to keep my heartrate from spiraling out of control. Breathing felt out of sync and running form felt weird; perhaps I was just over reacting and feeling nervous that IM Zurich is just 11 weeks away. I felt much better after the run and glad to have done it anyway. I did my second run the next morning and I felt like I was back in business, nothing like a kick start on Thursday to do the job.

Sports Track meet

Signed up for a 1.5km event on Saturday but after laying off for so long, I didn’t put any high hopes on the run. I haven’t been to the hills in months, not much interval training; so with only long slow runs in my books, what I needed for a 1.5km race was exactly what I didn’t trained for….power. Managed to squeeze in a 6th position for the last medal they handed out for that event. 🙂

The bugging bug

After a decent 75km ride on Saturday evening with Raymond, I did something stupid and ran 27km on Sunday. Well it didn’t seem stupid when I was doing it, I felt great after 2.5hrs of sleep (thanks to Big Bang Theory overload) the night before and thought, why not just run to MacRitchie and join the 15km Sunday run with my climbing friends.

So off I went after struggling to get out of bed at 0515 and did a easy 5:58/km pace for 13km to the Mac, felt really good after that portion of the run, popped a gel, loaded up on water and headed for the 15km. After the whole 27km, had the usual drinks (chemicals is how LH describes it) and breakfast, throat felt a little itchy then, but I just brushed it off as it didn’t feel serious. But that night it blew up and I was down with fever …..again. As I’m typing this now on Tuesday, fever is gone but cough is still a little phlegm-y so I’ve got to give it a rest again.


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