Weekly update : beast mode


18hours 40mins

one week with no work, gf out of town, meant loading it up with plenty of hours. Mostly light intensity workouts to build up on my aerobic base, didn’t wake up sore on most days so I could still continue to train. Problem was insufficient sleep purely due to poor discipline on my part, found myself so tired I had to do a 12hr sleep marathon….twice this week.

Dietary, wanted to try to eat healthy but, failed in that department as well. The only healthy thing I had was cereal and seeds in the morning, the rest of the day I was just too tired/busy in between training sessions.


Met up with Chow to get my swimming up to speed. After the filming Ernest and I did the week before, I realized how horrendous my technique was. Drills were prescribed and I must say I’m making some progress so far and I did more swims this week to ingrain the movements.

Went for a sea swim this week which was a little scary, waves were pretty daunting at East Coast Park this Saturday and just like what Chow said, that I would have problems if I could only breathe on one side. The waves were just crashing into my face…sian.

Well this sums up the week’s effort, next week shouldn’t be too heavy, probably need to taper of for a company’s sports meet on Saturday.


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