weekly update : 15 weeks to go

A lot of people have been asking me how’s my training coming along, I usually reply with the usual shrug and say it’s been the same, pretty boring doing the same thing day in day out. I guess it’s not exactly exciting when I don’t have many races lined up before my Ironman in Zurich, my motivation level can be on a downward spiral especially when I’m on a long work trip. But I’m sticking to having lesser events so that I won’t have to take 3 days off to recover and disrupt my training, aim of the game is to train consistently, and stay injury-free.

Last week was an excellent week with 13.5hrs put in with quite a good balance of all three activities.

(Weekly training log can be found here.)

Pretty excited about the weeks ahead.

1) Metasprint 21 April 2013 – My first sprint distance triathlon, doing with a couple of friends and planning to take the chance to advertise my fundraising a little. Metasprint will be my 3rd triathlon, and that would also mean I’ve covered almost all the distances prior to my first ironman (though not in ascending order). Cold Storage Triathlon Sept 2012 (Olympic Distance), Megatri Singapore 2013 (Mega Distance…more than half ironman) and finally Metasprint (Sprint distance).

2) Bike – Got my bike fit done at Fat Cat Cycles, will be collecting my bike on Wednesday. Several adjustments have been made and let’s just say I might have been riding my bike in a really inefficient position for the longest time.

3) Swim – Met Chowky at climbing and he gave me a workout regime that would get me out of my forever-slow-freestyle. I’ll be looking forward to better timings. Also plan to at least video my swimming to try to correct my strokes.

4) Run – Looking forward to some breakthrough as I start going for track sessions to get some umph in my running.

5) Train – Plenty of free time in the second half of April, hoping to get more training done.

While I’ll have a bit more time to train, I hope to catch up with some friends who thought I’ve been kidnapped. I’ll be hunting you guys down!



  1. 15 weeks …. sounds like you are gonna give birth … HAHAHAA

    1. And my labour will last at least 14hrs šŸ™‚

  2. in that case, I wish you have a smooth and speedy labour ! šŸ˜€

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