SIA Group Road Run 2013 @ Bedok Reservoir

This week’s mileage is significantly lesser because of the IPPT and this road run; needed a lot of time to recover after the IPPT. I should’ve done a slow run after the 2.4km dash to help with the recovery.


Started my day early at 6am, had my breakfast, then headed to Bedok to meet up with Ernest to get ourselves registered for our company’s 4.3km Road Run.

I was assigned to “Senior” category, I didn’t like the sound of “senior”, made me feel older than I already was. We socialised a bit and did some catching up with friends we haven’t met in a while. The organisers were expecting a few hundred people turning up and there were quite a number of serious looking runners warming up. The emcee was interviewing some high profile runners while some of us did our warm up. 4.3km is a really quick run and a proper warm up is definitely important to avoid injuries.

Decked myself up in my “ironproject” prints but not a single person asked me about it. sigh… #ironprojectfail

Siren goes off and the pack burst into action, my plan was to overtake and position myself comfortably within 2-3mins of the race, then just hang there and try to catch up with anyone ahead. 2 guys were leading, about 300m ahead and I kept them there as long as I could. Found Arthur at the 4-5min, hanged there for a couple of seconds then went ahead to try to keep the race leaders in sight.

About halfway through the race, I was in 5th position overall, race leaders were creeping away and I knew it was impossible to catch them if they kept up with the killer pace. There were armies of school kids running in the opposite direction in another event. So we had to dodge them by running on the grass on the side, I crept up to no.4 after seeing him go onto the grass, I stayed on the gravel and ran through a group of students, ended up beside him and overtook him shortly. AHAH, element of surprise!! He was nice enough to tell me there were no one else in my category ahead of me, I gave a nod and continued.

I took quick glances behind to see if there were any surprise attacks, was pretty sure no one else caught up so I relaxed a little. Suddenly at about 400m to go, this guy comes zooming past me, I managed to catch a glimpse of his number tag. ALAMAK, same category!! I didn’t had enough in the tank to catch him and had to settle for 2nd in my category.

Sounds really exciting right. Well, it’s the first time I’ve gotten a medal from running, so you can imagine how thrilled I was being in the front pack. Pretty happy with the results, rewarded myself with a 3km swim at the sports club …


4.3km – 17:14mins


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  1. Iron project prints?

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