IPPT 2013

In Singapore, you’ll hear the guys mentioning IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) pretty often and more often than not, in a dreadful sense. It’s a yearly fitness test that most of us have to go through (until we are done with our Reserve duties), failing this test would mean you have to turn up for extra training twice a week for a few weeks.

I did my IPPT this week and passed it with a “gold”, so that’s $400 into the bank as a reward ($200 for Silver, $100 for a pass); pretty decent for a 1.5hrs test. There were at least 3 waves of 40 people that evening and as I stood there watching this whole fitness event taking place, it feels like a typicial running event we have on weekends, people with number tags going to different fitness stations…..except that, most people don’t want to be there.

A whole lot of tax payer’s money is involved in this, the electronic equipment used at the fitness stations, the manpower required to organize etc. Companies lose a lot of man hours as well when people are required to return for Remedial training (RT).

I wanted to break the 9min mark for my 2.4km run, my last test I did a 9:28 which was the fastest I’ve run ever. Alas I got carried away when I started chasing 2 other guys who were flying off at the start, I completed my first round (400m) in 1:07 instead of the planned 1:27-1:30. I paid for it for the remaining part of the run, tried to keep to my times but went behind behind schedule at the 1.6km mark. Finished at 9:07 in front of the guys that did the wild pace at the start.

Lesson learnt from this short run? Stick to the plan.

Last run I followed the required lap times religiously and got my target goal of below 9:30. The initial sprint killed my legs and I couldn’t recover for the remaining laps.

Tomorrow there’ll be a 4.3km Road Run at Bedok Reservoir organised by people at work. Another quick race which I’m not really experienced in estimating the pace. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow đŸ™‚


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