Sea swim and run at East Coast Park on a bloody hot Saturday.

I did my second sea swim at East Coast Park today; not the best place to practice open water swim as the water seems slightly more choppy than at Changi (during Megatri). I haven’t swam in Sentosa so I can’t compare but considering Sentosa beaches are like mini lagoons, I don’t think it should be as bad as at ECP. The swells made navigation a bit more challenging, which is good practice; most people who are new to triathlon (like myself) usually won’t practice much open water swims, only to get a shock on race day by the salt and filth of the fresh open sea in Singapore.

the only mad person swimming

Started my swim pretty late into the morning so the sun was up and scorching. Parked near the Road Safety Park near big splash and swam between 2 jetties. I u-turned way earlier as I didn’t want my mouth to get caught onto any fishing lines from the jetty. Approx 500m per lap x 6 = 3km in about 1:20hr, nice easy pace.

i still can’t swim in a straight line, probably have to add 10% to that distance.

The Aqua sphere Kayenne goggles were really good, I would recommend this with the anti fog spray. The lenses were free of fog throughout the whole swim and I didn’t even have to stop to re-adjust them.

Got out of the water and prepped myself for the run. Jaime the trusty supporter had her support vehicle (a cruiser bicycle) provided hydration and nutrition support throughout the 1:30hr run. Met Arthur just at the start of the run and decided to join him in his blistering 5min pace to the sailing club and back. The heat was unforgiving and it was just senseless to be running in this weather, I emptied 2 water bottles and still had pit stops at toilets for more water. On the whole it was a more punishing workout than planned but super satisfied in the end.

Been clocking too many runs and too little bike this month, which explains the lower hours. sigh. OK Ernest, I will ride more in March…

stealing the support vehicle to rush to 7-eleven for a drink!



  1. Boon Sim Lee · · Reply

    Support bicycle looks nice

    1. of course man…. need a nice basket to put my drinks and food.

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