check what’s inside you

After my first triathlon, Jaime was bugging me to get myself checked at a health clinic. Although my job requires me to get one every year, they don’t usually do a very comprehensive one, furthermore, my brother got a rude shock from his medical checkup in July 2012 so I thought better go get myself examined.

It was really easy. Book an appointment, fast the night before, turn up and let them do their thing.

Went to SATA Woodlands in the morning and the whole process took about 2 hours. There was an X-ray, blood pressure check, urine and stool sample, blood test and blowing into some instrument that measures the strength and volume of your lungs. I almost fainted when they were drawing out blood; I was already low on fuel from fasting the night before, watching that needle going in and my blood struggling to fill up those tubes left me in a daze. I just slumped into my seat, then I tried coughing a bit to get some blood circulation up to my head before I faint and embarrass myself. gosh! And for those of you who think giving a stool sample is like shitting into a container like a sundae machine, they actually provide a little scoop to scrape off a tiny sample, they don’t need a whole cup of it.


Returned a week later to get my results. Normal normal normal. Being the slightly more inquisitive and kiasu Singaporean, we all want to score a good A1, although an A1 is still an A1. I asked a little more on some parameters that were on the higher side of the normal range. Uric acid was on the slightly higher normal range, hinting me to lay off the soy and meat. Potassium was high as well because I’m a banana gorger! ECG tests showed a really low heart rate (37) which is hereditary, my mum is at 47 and my brother is at the low 40s as well. The rest of the results indicated that I’m a healthy 31 year old.

I guess the check up was good as it told me very specific details about how I have been eating and what changes I should make to my diet. Basically I’ve just got to look out for that uric acid level, don’t want to be getting gout, something so disabling to my training.


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