2nd month : Donations, friends of ironproject and girlfriend!

It’s been an exciting 2nd month, busy preparing for Megatri as it was a huge step up in distance from the OD I did in Sep 2012. A couple of friends have stepped forward to pledge and donate which was hugely motivating, am glad that this site is reaching out and inspiring people.


The giveasia site has reached $1285.60, almost all of them from friends; THANK YOU for giving to Home Nursing Foundation!! Thank you to that one anonymous person who gave $50, it could be someone I know who forgot to leave his/her name. Remember to fill up your particulars (IC, address, Full name) if you want a tax exemption.

Friends of ironproject

A number of people have dropped emails, messages with words of encouragement and also telling me how they’d like to be more committed in their training.

Some have joined the list of Friends of ironproject, to pledge a donation by various means. I’m so happy you have come forward and stuck you head out to do this. I’m sure the beneficiaries of Home Nursing Foundation will appreciate your efforts, no matter how small it may be. My apologies if you are still waiting for your page to be done up on the blog, I’ll try to get it done!

Motivating friends
I’m glad I’ve made a positive impact by providing that last small tap (or big shove) in pushing you in the direction to be more active or even taking up a triathlon race.

There are many triathlon races organized in Singapore and you don’t actually have to spend a lot of money if you want to try it for the first time. You just need to own a pair of running shoes, swim wear and running apparel. Most races like the Cold Storage Triathlon 2012 provide bicycle rental services, and that’s all you need for your first triathlon. I borrowed a bike on my first race (Thanks David). Training for it takes a little more commitment, most people have no/little open water experience, and I strongly advise to try open water swimming at least a few times before the event. That portion have always been daunting for me even after participating in 2 triathlons. Check out the list of events on the blog and choose one to give it a go!

Partner support
Jaime thinks I’ve gone crazy in this; Getting up at odd hours in the morning to ride and run, spending countless hours in front of the computer typing blog posts. I’m glad she has been supporting me in this, vetting through some of my posts, holding up in the rain while I did my Megatri 2013, putting up with my tantrums when I don’t get to train as often as I want to. She keeps some sort of balance, making sure I’m still connected to the real world. Heeehee.

Well it’s just under 6 months to IM Zurich. I hope my progression can be a linear line drawn from my first race last year, but there are always plateaus in training and I’ve got to recognize them and handle it when it comes.


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