Race Prep : MegaTri 20 Jan 2013

This will be my 2nd triathlon race so I should be an “expert” in preparing for a race! well, at least I have a better idea of what’s going to happen.

Started preparing my bike for the race today, cleaned the chain and derailleur, made sure all the bolts were tightened, and tied/tape my repair kit under my seat. I decided not to tape my gels on the top tube of the bike because I haven’t tried it before in practice, and you know what they say, only do it during the race if you’ve tried it in practice.

cleaning the chain with brush and …ermm..kerosene.

under the seat : tube, lever, allen keys and CO2 adapter.

tags all in place before the race, I don’t want to be fumbling with stickers on race morning.

Back home I did up a very simple nutrition plan, and wrote down all the stuff I have to bring on event day just in case I forget anything.


1) Goggles (spray anti fog), swim cap

2) Tri Suit with heart rate monitor strap (chamois cream to prevent abrasion)

3) Ankle tag

4) 1 gel before swim.

Bike – Layout my stuff neatly in transition, 1 bottle of gatorade in transition.

1) 1 gel before ride

2) Dry feet with towel, powder, put on socks and shoes.

3) Lubricate the jewels

4) 3 gels and 1 clif bar stuff into tri top

5) Helmet, shades, racebelt, watch and HRM.


1) Change shoes, Running cap on

2) 3 gels into the tri top.


Racing Plan

Swim (3km)
Not much strategy for the swim. The aim is to be efficient in sighting/ navigation, to be in rhythm and maintain good technique as much as possible. And try to draft someone, something which I’ve never done before so I hope I won’t annoy anyone. The swim trial in the pool was done in 1:07 a month ago, don’t think I improved much over the past few weeks, so an estimated completion time for the swim should be about 1:15. (includes getting lost and currents)

Bike (102km)
Nice flat course with 8 laps. It can get quite windy so I’ll have to be careful on the aerobars. Aim for a speed of 30-33km/h or about 145-150 bpm throughout. Previous 100km ride was done in 3:36 along mandai, Changi, ECP, Thomson, Mandai. So I’m hoping to finish this in 3:40 with enough gas in the tank for the run.

Run (27km)
Flat course as well. Aim for 5:30min/km OR 155-160bpm for first 10km then 165-170 for the remaining 17km. Should be able to finish 2:30-2:40. I hope the weather will be forgiving that afternoon.


Estimate completion time should be about 7:50 inclusive of my amateur standard type of transition. Everyone going for a race, be it a 10km, Marathon, OD Tri or Ironman, will always have a rough time they want/expect to finish; and they will add an extra 20% when they tell their friends so that they’ll most likely meet that time even if they didn’t have a good race. My estimates have been pretty accurate so far but of course this is the first time I’m doing this distance so the accumulative fatigue will be a HUGE factor.

Nutrition planning was done with a simple calculation of 1 gel per 50 mins so I probably need about 9 gels. I’ve got a Clif bar so that would be taken on the bike as digestion is supposedly better compared to all the sloshing on the run. 1 Gatorade and 1 water for the ride, experience tells me that this should be enough for the whole ride if it’s moderate heat. There will be aid stations so I’m not too worried if I run out of water.

more expensive that yakun breakfast and chicken rice lunch.

Well, that’s about it for the this post. Stay tuned for the race report!



  1. Hey bro when you get back i have 2 boxes of unused gels for you!

    1. Hahah cool. Thanks for sponsoring nutrition!

  2. Well prepped bro ! Am psyched for you !

    1. Thanks man. Hope weather and body holds up well that day.

  3. looks like you are ready. good luck and race safe.

    1. thanks Chow!

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