Tapering & Yoga

Tapering and adjusting bike setup

I would like to think I planned for this, but it was because of work and maybe being a little burnt out that led me to the dip in training hours (6.5hrs) last week. That got me a little frustrated as I wanted to do a good 10hours and taper to 6hours this week. Furthermore, I “itchy backside” and lowered my bars on my bike down a mini-spacer and also shifted my cleats to a supposedly more efficient position on my shoe. Instead, I got myself a sore crotch, which meant I had to re-adjust my saddle position. Re-adjusting anything would mean I had to test ride and see if it’s comfortable, and most of the time I had to do at least a 20-30km ride to test the new position. sigh, so troublesome. Shouldn’t have touched the setup. My cleats were moved back to the original position after I had numb toes from riding!!!

Bikram Yoga

Jaime and I bought a groupon deal for $25 for 4 lessons of Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga). Booked our first lesson on Monday and headed down to Harbourfront with absolutely no idea what we got ourselves into. Hot Bikram Yoga Harbourfront is a cosy studio on level 3 at Harbour Front. After registration, we got changed and armed ourselves with 2 bottles of Pocari sweat. I practiced Ashtanga Yoga for a couple of months in university and it complimented my climbing really well, I was more focused and had better body control. I have heard some not so good things about hot yoga, about how you are exposed to an unhygienic environment where everyone is sweaty and panting, that you could fall sick really easily if someone in the same room is ill. I didn’t think much of it, and wanted to see it for myself.

Anyway, Jaime and I chose our spot in the room which was a little too closely spaced for my comfort, it wasn’t thaaaat hot initially. There were about 20 people donned in yoga outfits, 16 girls vs 4 boys. That’s the reason why I always tell the guys to try yoga….hahaha.. But with Jaime’s eye watching me like a hawk, I focused on staring into blank space….for my own good.

It was a 90min session with 26 poses, all done in 2 reps. After some 10mins of warm up, I was already flooding my towel beneath my feet. I was looking around hoping someone else was drenched in sweat, but I was the only one dripping after the warmup. And that didn’t stop till the end of the session. The poses had a good mixture of difficult and easy ones, I found the ones that needed me to touch my toes, the most difficult as I’m not that flexible in that direction. I pushed through the session and finished up 2 small bottles of Pocari, felt really flushed when I left the room and into the changing room. I thought it was a good session and it was an interesting introduction to yoga for Jaime. But I told her that the yoga sessions I used to do in Uni weren’t as energized and upbeat as this oneI prefer the quieter sessions where it’s more peaceful, made it easier to focus on the poses and on those small adjustments that made all the difference.

I’ve got 3 more “ponding” sessions of Bikram yoga, looking forward to it coz it’s great exercise! Good cross training for my triathlon.


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