ironproject’s 满月

满月 is “full moon” in Chinese, which usually describes the duration of approximately 1 month.

Thanks for those who donated through the Giveasia site (yey the site is up and running), your support will go a long way to help the less privileged who needs home nursing care. There are some plans to raise some awareness for this donation drive as I feel that this project should not only be about me training for some race. So next month  should be pretty exciting, especially with the Megatri coming up. I’ve received a lot of encouragement from friends and I welcome any feedback or ideas if you have any. Don’t shy ah….just email me at

Ironproject is 1 month old and progress have been coming along slowly and steadily. I’ve clocked a total of 38hrs 47min of training which equates to a pledge of $116.40; I’m pretty happy with how training is coming along although I’ve yet to come up with a more detailed and solid training plan. At the moment I’m just planning a week’s training in advance, so I’d know what kind of run/ride I’ll be doing (long Z2 training or interval training). It’s really amateurish and I’m getting my training tips from the internet and triathlon magazines. Progress is looking positive and I’m still (sort of) injury free.

(warning: boring training description below)


Swimming has been the biggest challenge for me as I’ve just started getting used to frontcrawl-ing. I used to swim long continuous sessions for 30-40 laps (1.5 – 2km) just after Cold Storage Tri in September, to prepare myself to get used to the distance. This month I’ve put in some interval training into my swim sessions. So typically a session would consist of 4-6laps of warm up/drills, then the main set of 30-40 laps would be a 12 laps [4/2/4/2 (4fast, 2slow)]x3 with 2mins rest in between, and finally a few laps of cool down. I feel a bit stronger now and the drills at the beginning of the session is so important to instill good technique for the rest of the swim. I was quite pleased with my 1:08 time for the 3km swim trial for Megatri, was expecting a 1:20 or 1:30. So now the plan is to include some gym work to strengthen the muscles for swimming.


Haven’t been riding as much as I’d like to at the beginning of the month, but I’ve been putting in a bit more KMs the last week. I’ve gotten used to the aerobars now, still a bit shaky when shifting gears. I’ve toying with saddle position and seat height after each ride, I think I’ve found a sweet spot for myself but now I’m thinking of removing a spacer to lower the aerobar a little. Most or in fact all my rides take me on the rolling Mandai route, getting a bit bored of this route and I’m thinking of heading up north to Malaysia next for my long rides.


After the Standard Chartered Marathon, I took it easy for a couple of days before going for a 21km with LH (her first). My right IT band has been protesting against all the pounding and after some massage sessions (in krabi on my climbing trip), it seems to be getting better. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of my running form, trying to run more efficiently; maintaining a good posture and preventing injuries. I haven’t done much trail runs recently because of the rain, I think they are really good for strengthening and coordination training.

That’s all for now. I’ll be off to work for a week and I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of gym sessions and some scenic runs, so stay tuned for updates on my facebook page. Have a Merry Christmas guys!


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