be nice to pple, it’s Christmas!

I don’t have a inspiring story to tell….

I didn’t go through a dramatic weight loss transformation….

I am generally fit with ‘so-so’ hand-eye coordination

I didn’t struggle to make ends meet while I was growing up…

I have got a great job, a loving family and girlfriend, always surrounded by wonderful friends….

I’m an ordinary person like everyone else; in fact I think I’ve been really fortunate so far.

But you don’t have to go through something extraordinary to be able to GIVE.

I’m not trying to inspire you with my boring stories of my training and putting in $3 into the piggy bank after my runs; that is not inspiration. I’m just showing everyone that it’s not that difficult to do something good, it just takes a simple action, a gesture of love or kindness, to another fellow human being.

So be nice to people this Christmas and enjoy the festive season.


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