“Why you should start doing triathlons” according to ian

I’m confident that after reading this, you’ll dash out of the door and buy the meanest tri bike you can find, spend $200 on that pair of running shoes with really bright funky colours and sign up for the soonest triathlon event (the Megatri in January) you can find in Singapore. Ok maybe not.. but here goes.

1) You’ll spend so much time training you won’t have time to waste.

I used to tell myself that it’s better to just go to sleep if I’m not doing anything productive (ie facebook, you tubing). Well I can guarantee that you won’t have any remaining time to waste if you sign up for a triathlon way beyond the distance you can handle.

“should I run today? No, better do my swim coz it’s my weakest! shucks then I’ll miss out on cycling. Nevermind I’ll do all 3 today….twice

Good bye procrastination!

2) ALL that gear!

There is so much to get. Bikes, shoes (running AND cycling), tri suits, compression wear, socks, swimwear, swim cap, heart rate monitor….It’s really good for couples, imagine spending the endless hours walking through sports shops together in Queensway and Novena. Or even better, just at home on the computer, going through hundreds of websites looking at stuff you never knew you’d need.

3) Life skills

You would be able to swim in the sea for at least 750m or up to 3.8km. Sprint (750m) can swim to sentosa, OD (1.5km) can make it to Pulau Ubin and the IM (3.8km) should be able to take you to Pulau Tekong depending on how much land they have reclaimed 🙂 . No need to squeeze onto those yucky air conditioned ferries during NS, dammit just pass your field pack to your buddy and meet him at the ferry terminal in Tekong.

4) Save money

Supper? what supper? With triathlon training, you’ll be in bed at 8 and up at 4 to start your early morning ride/run. You would save so much skipping supper and drinks at the pub; and that money could be channeled to… you guessed it, buy more gear!

5) Look good
What’s more appealing than seeing someone in a skin tight tri suit on a mean aerodynamic bike. You don’t have to be in good shape, you will be able to magically shed 3inches off your waist and look slimmer than ever, all thanks to compression technology. Always go for Black tri suits, doesn’t matter if Singapore is hot like $#%^#, black looks faster.

6) Connect with fellow human beings.
Contact sports will have you jostling for a ball of sorts or hitting each other senseless. In the world of triathlon, you will feel like you’re in a washing machine with 100 others. They will caress every available part of your body and try to snuggle up just behind you in this vast open ocean. So wonderful, so much human contact!


This is how much nonsense i can come up with on a friday afternoon.


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