back from hols.

Time flies when you’re having fun; one week in krabi just whizzed past. Utterly failed in my attempt to swim/run over there! Funny the only time I got up early for a run was the first morning after the wedding party, after that it just went downhill all the way.

There were a couple of milestones accomplished during this trip though; finally did a multipitch that I’ve been wanting to do for years. 5 of us made our way up “Humanality”, a 4 pitch climb of relatively easy but exposed climbing. Multi pitches wouldn’t be complete without some booboos, after dropping some cords while messing about with a carabiner, I dropped one slipper while abseiling. At least now I can give first hand advice against wearing slippers while abseiling!

While some guys were pushing hard on their climbing projects, I just followed along enjoying the easier climbs. Watching people push through their limits on a climb is always motivating, you can see the immense focus they have in that few minutes on the climb, shutting out all the distraction around them. It is times like these, where you are really living in the moment; feeling your breathing, having total awareness of your body, pushing through the fatigue and lactic acid burning in your forearms. I used to have many reasons why I enjoy climbing, but my favourite one is when I climb at my limit, my mind is silent. It’s my method of meditation, to stop the incessant thinking.

Well, one week has passed without any swim/bike/run done, I’ll just console myself and say that this was an ‘active recovery’ week, doing some cross training and enjoying the solid Thai massages.

walking back from climbing by the beach

a lifetime of climbs.




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