I’m off to Krabi!

I’m off to krabi for a week! It’s usually a climbing trip like the other 10 times I was there, but this time there’ll be a wedding party! Congrats to the newly weds.

With the Megatri in January, I’ve a rough plan to keep up the fitness over there. Am excited (and scared) with the sea swim plan that I have crafted to sharpen my open water skills. No more getting lost and swimming zig zag, Ian is going to learn to swim in a straight line and love the taste of sea water on his lips.

Going to use one of those waterproof bags and tie it to me ankle to be my life saver for the swims. Yellow bag, yellow swim cap, should be visible enough to ward off the long tail boat’s propeller.

For the runs, it’ll be mainly by the beach and some trails which are pretty steep; hoping to combine some swim run sessions there over the next 7 days.

improvised swimming aid


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