first run!

Completed my first run in contribution to the ironproject. The plan was to actually try to pick up a little bit of momentum to increase my training volume. But with the Standard Chartered Marathon just lurking around the corner, it’s time to be discipline and taper down my running. I’ll probably do some cross training, a bit of swimming and a few easy climbing sessions to keep my heart working. 🙂

Excited for the marathon on the 2Dec 2012. It’ll be my third marathon. The first one was SCMS 2006 with a decent effort of 4:58hrs, then after a 6year hiatus, my weak attempt at this year’s Sundown with a 5:26hrs. It was at this very run, while my legs were cramping, ankles and knees hurting, clothes thoroughly soaked in rain, that I really felt so weak and helpless in a race. I took a mental picture of my sorry self and of all quotes that popped into my head, it was from “The Machanic” where Jason Statham had the Latin phrase “Amat Victoria Curam” engraved on the slide of the gun, and the translation “victory loves preparation” engraved on the other side..

Anyways, I’ve been putting in the KMs the last few months, reading up a little on training techniques; so I’m pretty optimistic I won’t suffer as much, compared to the last marathon.


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