first post

And so the journey begins….at last, after much hesitation, doubts and plain procrastination.

I’ve settled my leave and signed up for the event, IM Zurich on 28 July 2013; did up a facebook page, this blog and also the donation drive page on Quite a lot of effort put into publicity if you ask me; well i think its a good way to put some pressure on making sure I put in a decent effort in this.

This whole year I’ve been thinking of starting something new, to get out of my comfort zone. Ideas revolved mainly around ways to make money; business plans, backup plans etc. But this plan just stood out, it’s a win win situation from where I see it; I get to work towards a goal that I’ve been wanting to complete, and the other part, where I can use my *ahem* influence to encourage people to give.

So the wheels have started turning both on my bike and online; I hope this blog motivates you to push harder in your training and inspire you to reach out to a fellow human being in need.


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